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Disciplinary Categorization

Prepared for: Noble Park football Club
Date: Feb 2017
Review annually:


Disciplinary Categorization

Any action which jeopardizes the welfare or reputation of the club, team or team mates shall cause the offender to explain his/her actions before the senior player leadership group & one /two senior members of the committee

This will be know as the disciplinary committee

A player may ask to have any witness or person helpful to their case appear before the committee.
A player may ask to delay a hearing for work, personal reasons or availability of witnesses for up to one week
If the committee finds any action, then it will be categorized as minor, serious or grave.
All players will have their hearing and results within one (1) working week of notification; they must appear before the disciplinary committee. In the event of the player asking for a delay the working week will start from the time of the hearings commencement

Minor Offence:
1st time – A warning will be given
2nd time – A possible suspension from playing or a suspended sentence
3rd time- (or worse) – suspended from playing from 1 game to indefinite

Serious Offences:
1st time – Suspended sentence or suspended from 1-4 games
Repeat – Suspended indefinitely or registration cancelled

Grave offences:
1st time – suspended indefinitely or registration cancelled
Repeat registration cancelled

Minor offences includes but not limited to
Actions likely to cause the player to be reported under the EFL rules
Abuse of umpires, team mates
Interaction with opposing supporters
Disobeying coaching instructions
Deliberately causing disharmony among the playing group
Arguing with team mates, coaching and or support staff
Vilifying in any manner team mates coaching and or support staff
Endangering the health of team mates
Self failing to alert coaching staff of unavailability to play or train
Any action the coaching staff may see causing harm to the club

Serious offences include but not limited to:
Physically dangerous actions towards teammates, opposition or others
Playing or training under the influence of illegal drugs
Playing or training while intoxicated with alcohol
Receiving a 2nd yellow card in one season for language abuse of trainers or water carriers including opposition team staff

Grave offences include but not limited to:
Physical attacks on teammates, coaching and support staff
Physical attacks on any non-playing personal from another club
Disclosing confidential information to opposing teams
Racial vilification of opponents team mates or any person at the ground

Noble Park Football Club is an affiliated club of NOBLE PARK FOOTBALL SOCIAL CLUB.