Noble Park Football Club

46-56 Moodemere St, Noble Park VIC 3174

(03) 9546 0653

Message From Our President

Firstly let me commend David Allan on his reign as President for the last 4 Years. David was intro
duced to the Club as a “Players Parent” and shortly after elected as the President of this Club.
The time & effort he gave to this role was and is appreciated by the Coaches, Players, Members, Supporters and support staffs. No doubt David will still be seen around the Club and will continue to support Noble Park on and off the field.

Secondly, let me introduce our New Committee:

Grant Connolly President
Jeff Marshall Vice President
Jim Laidlaw Treasurer
Tracey Walden Secretary
Rod Nelson Football Director
Peter Reece General Committee
Kevin Wright General Committee
Graeme Marchant General Committee
Trish Marson General Committee
Kellie Walden General Committee
Colin Knight General Committee
Gary Wilkinson General Committee

As you can see from the list above there is a wealth of knowledge and are very passionate Noble Park people. All are committed to support the Footy Club in the best way possible.
Our focus is to not only support our Coaches, Players etc. of today but also to recognise our History and to implement strategy to set us up for the future.
The landscape of local footy has changed with the implementation, by AFL Victoria, of the Community Club Sustainability Program which includes the introduction of a Player Points System in 2016 and a Salary Cap in 2017.
The Community Club Sustainability Program (CCSP) subcommittee believes that equalisation of community football competition is vital for community football.
Even and fair competitions lead to interest, which leads to bigger crowds, which leads to stronger clubs and competitions. Even competitions allow supporters and club volunteers the chance to turn up on any given match day with the knowledge that the outcome of the game is uncertain, and that their team is a chance of winning. This mindset motivates people to become and remain engaged with their community club and provides rewards and recognition to all those that assist in putting a team out on the field.
The philosophy of competition equalisation is accepted in sports all around the world. Professional sporting bodies have accepted practices such as drafts, salary caps, FIFA Fair Play, and the like, in order to help competitions ensure competitiveness and club sustainability.

The objectives of the state PPS Policy are as follows, to:

1. Support equalization of community football Competitions;
2. Ensure teams fielded in the Competitions are strong and as equally matched as possible;
3. Provide the best opportunities for players to develop and display their skills;
4. Provide opportunities to compete at a community level within an orderly and fair system;
5. Enable team spirit and public support;
6. Encourage community and corporate sponsorships of Community Clubs;
7. Reduce the inflationary nature of player payments to assist clubs survive financially and reduce financial burden/stress on Clubs;
8. Promote player loyalty and junior development;
9. Support the role volunteers undertake in managing their Clubs by;
minimising the need to fundraise for player payments
providing a more competitive environment on field, that encourages more volunteers to support at Club level
Providing incentive to spend more time and effort in the development of football, a welcoming Club environment and growing the game within the local community.

Noble Park as a Member of the Eastern Football League are now bound by the Rules set out in this Policy. Your committee has a responsibility to adhere to these rules and to operate within those guidelines.

It is important that all stakeholders of the Noble Park Football Club understand these guidelines and continue to support the Footy Club now and into the future.

At all times the committee will endeavour to provide the following:

The most competitive Playing List to compete in the EFL
A strong Coaching Panel with the right philosophies
The best Support Structure around the Coaches & Players
A strong Culture
A Club environment appealing to Family & Friends
A professional attitude
Strong relationships will all stakeholders
A pathway for all aspiring AFL footballers

We look forward to some new and exciting years ahead.

Go Bulls

Grant Connolly -President







Noble Park Football Club is an affiliated club of NOBLE PARK FOOTBALL SOCIAL CLUB.