Noble Park Football Club

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Sun Smart Policy 

Prepared for: Noble Park Football Club
Date: FEB 2017
Reviewed Annually:


The health and wellbeing of club members is of primary concern for Noble Park Football Club.

Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. It is acknowledged that skin cancer is a preventable disease and that a preventative strategy including the following actions will be implemented by Noble Park Football Club.

Where possible, outdoor events and training times will be scheduled outside the hours of 11 am and 3 pm (Daylight Savings Time).

The club will maximise the use of natural shade provided from buildings, trees and other structures. Individuals will also be encouraged to bring their own shade structures to club events.

The club will promote to participants and officials to wear sun protective clothing.

The club will promote SPF 50+ sunscreens. Prior to training or playing in peak UV periods, players and participants will be encouraged to apply sunscreen to exposed body parts.

Training will not commence, or it will cease, once the temperature reaches 32 degrees Celsius. Coaches and teams will be encouraged to look for more appropriate forms of training when the temperature is high.
Club officials/staff will act as suitable Sun Smart role models.

Noble Park Football Club is an affiliated club of NOBLE PARK FOOTBALL SOCIAL CLUB.