Noble Park Football Club

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Anti-Harassment / Sexual Harassment Policy

Prepared for: Noble Park Football Club
Date: Feb 2017
Reviewed annually


To ensure that all Committee Members, players, coaches, officials, volunteers and spectators associated with Noble Park Football Club enjoy an environment free from harassment of any kind including sexual harassment.

Harassment of any kind is not acceptable at Noble Park Football Club and complaints related to behaviour of this nature (see definition) will be treated as serious and will be dealt with promptly, confidentially and impartially by the Committee or chosen independent party. No person who lodges a complaint with respect to harassment will be disadvantaged because they have made the complaint.

Complaints relating to harassment should and will be dealt with as most serious and may require the involvement of an independent mediator, or the police in the case of a criminal offence

Internally, formal complaints should be received by the Complaints officer (unless the complaint directly concerns this person)

On receiving a complaint the Complaints officer will decide whether

they are the most appropriate person to receive and handle the complaint;
the nature and seriousness of the complaint warrants a formal resolution procedure;
to appoint a person to investigate (gather more information on) the complaint;
to refer the complaint to mediation;
to refer the complaint to a hearings tribunal;
to refer the matter to the police or other appropriate authority; and/or
to implement any interim arrangements that will apply until the complaint process set out in these procedures is completed.

Regardless of the process adopted, it will be based on the principles of justice where:
Both the complainant and the respondent must know the full details of what is being said against them and have the opportunity to respond
Decision maker(s) must be unbiased, fair and just
Penalties imposed must be fair

Noble Park Football Club is an affiliated club of NOBLE PARK FOOTBALL SOCIAL CLUB.